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Green Formula:
New and improved taste! Take this fuel filled with nutrients as often as you like each day. Note that this can give hours of energy. Therefore, do not take them at night, as you may not be able to sleep otherwise. If you are only taking ONE product, use the green formula.
Super Plant Protein:
Markus Rothkranz's Super Plant Protein Powder contains pine nuts and durian, two super-expensive ingredients unlike any other. None of my competitors use durian in their protein powder. (Probably because it’s so hard to get and process!)
Plant Vitamin C:
There is no natural vegetable vitamin C powder anywhere that comes close to the power of Markus rothkranz Plant Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps convert cholesterol into adrenal hormones. The lack of vitamin C is one of the main reasons for collagen loss which leads to wrinkles, aging, weakened arteries and immune deficiency.

Set packages includes:
Wild Force Green Formula (Unsweetened + Peppermint) - (430g)
Super Plant Protein (Unsweetened) (681g)
Plant Vitamin C (300g)
Application: Mix the 3 products according to your own needs.
(1 Month Supply)


Contact Markus Europe to learn more about our Essential 3 Set. 


€ 288,50 Normale prijs
€ 259,65Verkoopprijs

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