No matter what challenges life poses for you, you can do everything for the better and overcome illnesses, even if you do not initially consider it possible. It couldn't be easier, and Makus Rothkranz will show you how.


Markus was born with a weak immune system and almost died 4 times. His relationships failed and he had to struggle financially for 30 years until his doctor told him he would die if he didn't change his life.


So he gave up everything and went into the desert without anything, without worrying about whether he would ever return. Here he learned the vital importance of letting go and how amazingly simple the truth really is. Every life form on earth automatically recognizes the truth - only we humans do not. We think too much, live in fear and want immediate satisfaction.


We have been hunting all our lives. In the hunt for consumer goods, for people, for money, for love, for sex, for freedom, for recognition and for peace. But this hunt only drives things away. Only when we stop looking for them will they finally come to us.

Markus came back as a new person. His health problems disappeared and he started getting younger. He learned to travel effortlessly and to live the life of his dreams. People were amazed at the utter simplicity and how easily you could change your life.


Everything is simply explained in easy-to-read books that even a child can understand. Also available are the same herbal blends that Markus uses to heal himself and reverse the aging process. Everything you need for a new life is right here. Start living. Now!