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Markus Rothkranz Green Formula has a new and improved taste! Take this green formula filled with nutrients as often as you like each day. Note that this can give hours of energy. Therefore, do not take them at night, as you may not be able to sleep otherwise. If you are only taking ONE product, use the green formula. Testimonials of this product are endless. That's what Cara and I take every day and it's part of why we feel so good. Remember we're in our fifties! It helps fill in many of the nutrients that are missing in the modern diet. Learn more about the power of these legendary herbs and how they work - google them or read the "Free Food and Medicine Edible Plant Guide". I can't mention what has been done for people, but the impact has surprised many people who have posted their experiences on Youtube all the time. Experience it yourself. Wait until you try it! The difference is day and night. Without added sugar, without fillers, that's just dried powder plants, done. Feel the difference in your life and get motivated to a healthier lifestyle, because that's what it's about! Feel great, have energy and be the best you can be. Feel the incredible power of our raw vegan markus wild force green formula & wildcrafted herbs.


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94,90 €Prix
  • Chlorella, Kale Leaf, Activated Barley, Spinach leaf, Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa Juice, Grape Juice powder, Plantain Leaf, Wheat Grass, Oat Straw Grass, Prickly, Pear Fruit, Bamboo Leaf, Watercress, Amla Berry, Burdock Root, Kudzu, Dandelion Root, Amaranth Sprout, Dandelion Leaf, Apple Pectin, Moringa Leaf, Ginseng Root (Siberian), Parsley Leaf, Chia Sprout, Ginkgo Leaf, Nopal cactus, Astragalus Root, Arugula Leaf, Monkfruit, Licorice Root, Purslane, Red Raspberry Leaf, Chickweed, Gotu Kola, Hu Zhang, Malic Acid from green apples, Papaya Juice Concentrate, Red Clover Blossom, Chicory root, yellow dock Root, Dulce, Bladderwrack.

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  • All herbal formulas from Markus Products are non-GMO, organic or sustainable, and wildcrafted. “Sustainably wildcrafted” means harvested by hand, from virgin wilderness far from civilization. For example: pine needles from Shasta, California, Mallow and Lambsquarters from Durango, Colorado, and Gubinge Kakadu Plum harvested by tribal natives in the Australian outback. We go out of our way to get you the most pristine, rare, pure herbs possible, no matter the cost! No herbs are from China, all products are assembled/packaged here in America in an FDA-approved facility.