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Kidney Formula - Kidney Cleanse Supplement

Kidney Formula - Kidney Cleanse Supplement

Product Review (submitted on April 24, 2019):
I am now 64 years old, but had kidney problems since childhood. As a child strepoccoccus bacteria attacked my kidneys. I spent six months in Primary Children's Hospital. The result was permanent kidney damage. As I grew into adulthood I was an avid athlete and competed in long distance running, high hurdles, baseball, and basket ball, playing on college teams. However after the age of 50, I started having more problems. Three months ago I went to the hospital with extremely high blood pressure. My heart was fine. My kidneys were not. On a points rating my kidneys were just 2 points in decline toward failure, meaning transplant or dialysis. My wife having used several of your amazing herbal formulas, checked to see if there was a Kidney formula, and immediately purchased it. I started with 1 tablespoon, two times a day. After being on the formula for two weeks, medical tests were taken. The hospital doctor said that he was surprised to see the tests showed my kidney function had improved, something that he said “never happens”. The test results were sent to a nephrologist. Upon seeing the medical test results the nephrologist cancelled my upcoming appointment and changed it to six months out. The nephrologist also agreed with the other doctor saying that knowing my medical history, seeing kidney function improve just would never have been expected. The body and mind respond to positive products of high energy and love! I am thankful to Markus for his complete dedication to helping others through proper health and amazing herbal formulas. I will never be without the Kidney Formula!