Many modern diseases are linked to insufficient weak gut flora, which are killed by antibiotics allowing yeast and disease to thrive. Even if you didn’t take lots of antibiotics in your life- if you eat animal products, you are STILL ingesting antibiotics fed to the animals, which is killing your gut probiotics. Healthy gut flora is crucial for health. Most swallowed probiotics are killed in stomach acid, so it’s best to feed and reinforce the ones we have. Fiber is their main food source and these are their favorites. 97% of Americans don’t even get the minimum needed daily amount of fiber. Animal products have ZERO fiber. The number one killer in America is heart disease, and the top reason for that is animal products- including milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, fish, chicken, creamy salad dressings, creamy soups, cottage cheese, cream cheese, cheesecake etc. They all have saturated fat, cholesterol, animal hormones foreign to the human body, including cancer antaginists like IGF-1, estrogen, methionine and choline.



  • Powdered Dates, Acacia Fiber, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Pea Fiber, Asparagus, Apple Peel, Banana, Holy Basil, Slippery Elm Bark.

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