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Markus Rothkranz Parasite Free™ is a raw vegan parasite cleanse with the most powerful herbs available known historically to eliminate parasites, shred them to bits, and kill them. Parasite Free™ also contains wildcrafted herbs to help expel them, cleanse the liver naturally in the process and even help minimize the nausea associated with the gasses resulting from dying parasites. Parasite Free™ should be taken for 3 months to ensure you got them all. Free yourself of these aliens that have been controlling you, your moods and your health!

Do not take if you have gastric or digestive ulcers.
Not intended for infants or pets.

(300 Pills)


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  • Yes, you probably have parasites. It is practically impossible not to come in contact with them. Parasites are everywhere: on door handles, keyboards, toilets, shopping baskets and under fingernails. They are transmitted by shaking hands, by water, by air, by food, by pets, by walking barefoot, etc. As soon as they enter the body, they multiply like crazy. Roundworms can lay a million eggs in one day! Tapeworms can grow up to 60 meters long. Unicellular amoebas can begin to attack the brain and other organs. Nobody is completely immune, not even the healthiest people. Everyone should have a parasite cleanse at least once a year.

    Parasites sometimes eat more of your food than you do! Then they leave their excrement in their bloodstream, in their lungs, in their organs, so that you get sick. Parasites can be the root cause of the most mysterious diseases. Are you often tired? Aren't you really comfortable? Do you fancy foods that you know are not good for you? Are you irritable? Do you have cramps? Are you constantly hungry? Do you have stiff joints? Do you have breathing problems? Itching? Memory impairment? Guess who is the likely cause! Parasites can be the cause of almost any medical condition. Our bodies are real breeding grounds for bacteria, yeasts, mold, fungi, viruses and parasites. You may think you are clean on the outside. But wait until you see what's going on in your body!