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Because this is so highly absorbent, it should not be ingested with food unless you have food poisoning - in this case you should take 12 capsules with water, otherwise you should take 6.

Take 2-4 capsules for regular detoxification. You don't have to take it all the time - maybe every other day during a cleaning. Make sure you drink plenty of water because it works like cement and will clog you. While taking it, you should also think about colon cleansing (enemas / colonics) and drink enough water. Charcoal and bentonite absorb all kinds of bad toxic things from your body.

The more you support the rejection, the better. It already contains herbs that help with the elimination, but if you think you need more help, take some Colon Free Formula.



Helps with gas formation and diarrhea. Antidote for most poisons. Activated carbon attracts toxins and removes them from the body. Captures and neutralizes almost all known chemicals harmful to humans. Removes chemicals that are not in the body but leaves valuable nutrients intact. Good for bites of rattlesnakes, ants and spider bites, for chemotherapy and overdoses.



Bentonite is full of minerals and has a super powerful power to pull toxins out of the body. Bentonite complicates the proliferation of parasites and other harmful organisms. It aids in blood purification, lymph, fat and cellulite. It attracts poisons, toxins, and bad things, binds them, and then sends them out of our bodies via our excretory system. Because it cleanses the gut so well, the diet can finally get into the bloodstream. Guess what the result is - ENERGY! Bentonite Clay absorbs 40 times its own weight of fecal matter and waste and removes it from the body. It cleanses the mucous membrane of the large intestine, all types of internal parasites and old deposits on the intestinal walls are killed and discharged.

Bentonite also absorbs free radicals, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, fungi and intestinal parasites. One of the most powerful detoxifiers on the planet.

Clay has some kind of amazing intelligence - it finds the unhealthy spots wherever they are in the body, and starts to pull out the infection, pus, etc. This can take several days, after which he derives it from the body. There is no part of the body that could not reach the sound to let his magic work. The modern diet and pre-made foods creates free radicals that cause all kinds of damage in our body. Stress weakens our immune system, thus multiplying bacteria, germs, viruses and parasites and diseases. Stress also creates its own toxic waste in our body. Clay helps to remove all of this. Clay does not change concretely in our colon, as some people think. Rather, it stimulates the peristalsis, the rhythmic contractions of our intestinal musculature in order to dissipate waste. Clay has a very strong negative ion charge (that's good). It releases negative ions and absorbs positive ions to transport them out of the body. Positive ions are the diseases, bacteria, poisons, etc. Indians were able to eat poisonous plants when they ate them with bentonite. Clay has a pH of 7 to 9. DO NOT USE METAL IN CONNECTION WITH CONCRETE! Use plastic, glass, ceramics to get rid of your parasites with bentonite clay. Parasites dissolve and then cling tightly to clay, the sound carries them out of the body.

Betonit is used for acne, blood sugar, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, intestinal cramps, food poisoning, viral infections, fungal infestations, yeast parasites, food allergies, skin problems, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, cancerous spots, birthmarks, heavy metal poisoning, lowering cholesterol levels, increasing blood circulation, helping the intestine to cleanse so that you can absorb more food. The result: MORE ENERGY!



Helps you to defecate by stimulating natural, rhythmic contractions of the intestine (peristalsis). Strengthens the intestinal muscles and has a stimulating effect. In other words, it supports intestinal permeability and stimulates bowel movement.



Leaves and pods are used as stool softeners in case of constipation.



A non-glycemic sweetener used in China with healing properties.

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