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A major trend has started and is growing rapidly. According to Wikipedia* the latest research published in August 2014 has shown that 12% of the British population are either vegetarians or vegan. 23 additional percent are so called “meat reducer” and another 10% are “meat-avoiders”. You see, the trend is clear.

We are sure having read through this web site on the remarkable and exciting products you will want to become a customer and purchase products for your benefit alone. However if you are interested in partnering with us as well, to market these and future Markus Products then you may be interested in the following opportunity.

Markus products offer a unique and timely opportunity to become your own boss with the most exclusive, worldwide unique vegan products in a fast growing market. This is not about convincing people to buy a product; this is about people wanting it from you.

You will not be required to open an office, employ staff, rent premises, send products or take credit cards. Everything that is sold would come through your own web site and orders will be sent to your customer by our fulfillment house. All present and future Markus Products that are introduced to the market will form your own product range.

As someone purchases through your website that customer is yours and you receive commission accordingly each and every month, as long as your customer places orders.

You will already understand the power of online purchasing and in just reading this website you will understand the infinite possibilities with repeat sales and the introduction of new products in the future. Once a customer starts taking these products the benefit will be clear to them and repeat orders will follow.

If you would like to learn more then please email us and we will contact you accordingly to give you full details of this unique and timely opportunity.